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Policy for Environment and Workers’ Health and Safety

In 1923, Mario and Irma Colombo founded Manifattura Mario Colombo & C., a company in Monza, strongly connected to the territory, which at the time was a primary area in the production of felt for hats and gaiters. In fact, this is precisely the first important product created by Colmar.

Subsequently, the company evolved becoming a manufacturer of work clothes, and after the Second World War it began the production of ski clothing. Currently, the collection includes both sports and lifestyle garments.

The brand has further explored both the research for increasingly technical and high-performance fabrics to support sporting performance and the world of fashion. Important collaborations have begun with world-famous companies, designers, and stylists.

After many years, the company is still family-run and is led by the third generation, i.e. the founder’s grandchildren, Mario, Giulio, Carlo, and Laura. It is still strongly rooted in the Monza area, and more and more attentive to people and environment protection.

This Policy is the expression of Colmar’s commitment on these topics. Colmar undertakes as primary pillar of its development strategy the management of products, activities, and services, with respect for Health and Safety at work, and Environment.

Colmar's commitment is aimed at:

  • fully respecting current legislation, including any other prescription signed by the company, the reference regulations and company procedures on environmental and workers’ health and safety issues;
  • using means and material with characteristics that are compliant with current environmental and safety laws;
  • systematically detecting and monitoring the environmental aspects of its activities, products, and services, and the resulting environmental impact, with particular reference to the reduction of energy consumption, the lower use of raw materials, the management and containment of waste generation;
  • preventing and correcting any dangerous situation, by promoting their reporting, and systematically implementing the analysis of the causes and the possible solutions;
  • safely managing substances that may be considered harmful to people and environment, reducing or replacing them, when feasible, with others with a lower impact;
  • developing professional skills and effort to act in compliance with environmental and prevention and protection procedures at all company levels, through training and knowledge;
  • promoting cooperation among the various company resources, as well as collaboration with business organizations and with external institutions;
  • defining and implementing environmental and work health and safety programs, to achieve the goals for performance continuous improvement with regard to safety and environment;
  • involving and requesting the participation of company workers’ safety representatives, all personnel, as well as suppliers and partners, through the sharing of the Policy and the corporate environmental and health and safety goals;
  • making this Policy available to the public and anyone who requests it.


The Policy for the Environment and Workers’ Health and Safety was formally approved by Top Management. This document applies to employees, collaborators, suppliers and business partners. Manifattura Mario Colombo undertakes to keep active and periodically update this Policy, communicating it to all company personnel, and making it accessible to all interested stakeholders through its website.

This document has been approved by the Board of Directors of Manifattura Mario Colombo & C. S.p.A. on October 2nd, 2023.

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