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Colmar Green Path

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Colmar Green Path


The mountain, the snow. And Colmar.

For 100 years, this indissoluble bond has created a path made of commitment to continuously improve our environmental and social impact. Environmental awareness and sustainability are the core of our project aimed at safeguarding nature and creating a better future for the next generations.

Colmar Green Path

More sustainable and durable products.

Safeguarding the planet starts with the choice of the raw materials which our garments are made of, and continues along all the phases of the product life cycle, from design to production, up to the reduction of the environmental impact relating to the use of handtags and packaging. A constant challenge to evolve and seek the best solutions.


Research and attention to technical innovations are central in the creation of our products: we consider new technologies fundamental, not only to guarantee quality, but also to safeguard the environment through increasingly eco-sustainable processes, material, and solutions. Our commitment for the environment starts from the design phase, where the prototypes of the most complex garments are first created digitally, with 3D technology, in order to reduce the waste of raw materials.


We are committed to using more and more materials from recycled, organic, and other responsible sources, or from the circular economy, in order to reduce our environmental footprint. Particularly important are also: the traceability of materials, and the collaboration with suppliers who are as well attentive to reduce CO2 emissions and usage of chemical products and microplastics.


An important aspect relevant to reducing the environmental footprint of our products is to make them more durable and their life cycle longer. Our research and development projects allow us not only to increase the quality level and create products that last longer, but also to offer stylistic and technical solutions, which are suitable for different environmental and climate situations.


In order to reduce waste, plastics and non-eco-friendly materials, the company is constantly evolving to update packaging systems along the whole supply chain. Among the main initiatives, we have reduced the number of handtags on the garments to a minimum, replacing them with a QR code to find all the technical information. Furthermore, with regard to retail and e-commerce, the packaging is made of recycled or FSC certified paper.

Colmar Green Path

Environmental Protection

Colmar Green Path provides concrete support for the environment, through initiatives aimed at reducing CO2 emissions. In recent years, we carried out major renovations to the company headquarters to improve energy efficiency, and now we are committed to reducing fossil fuels while increasing the use of renewable energy. We are also involved in a series of initiatives for environmental and forest restoration, protection and regeneration, thanks to the collaboration with important partners.


At the end of 2018, storm Vaia knocked down hundreds of trees in a bunch of hours. That’s why Colmar has contributed to the reforestation of the Italian Alpine areas affected by the storm. We took action together with Rete Clima, a non-profit organization that promotes Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), sustainability and de-carbonisation projects.


1,000 planted trees in 2023: we did it together with Treedom, an organization that carries out agroforestry projects. Sustainable ecosystems are thus created, allowing thousands of farmers to meet the initial costs of planting new trees, guaranteeing food sovereignty and income opportunities over time.


Our roots are in Monza, where there are beautiful places to discover. We collaborate on various projects with Villa Reale and Monza Park consortium, in order to enhance the Palace and the park area. Among the activities, there’s the cooperation in the recovery of the saddlery of the former racecourse, to make it a training facility, and in the maintenance of the green areas.

Colmar Green Path

Taking care of people

Our roots lie in skiing and sport competitions, and we firmly believe in the principles and values of sport: fair play, participation, solidarity, loyalty, friendship, commitment, respect, courage, self-improvement, equality, and inclusion. In our workplaces, in carrying out our activities, as well as in the way we communicate, we fight inequality in all its forms.


Our history is based on sport and its values. Skiing, competition, and the healthy principles of sport: fair play, participation, solidarity, loyalty, friendship, commitment, respect, courage, self-improvement, equality, and inclusion. Not only on the snowy slopes, but also in our workplaces, communications, and activities. We fight inequality in all its forms.


We want to create relationships with our suppliers, based on trust and collaboration. For this reason, we always guarantee ethics, professionalism and honorability in all our relationships. Among the latest adopted initiatives, there’s the collaboration with FinDynamic, to financially support our suppliers, through the advance payment of invoices, in case of economic incentives.