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A fashion and design project that shows Colmar's point of view on sustainability.

20 chairs in trasparent recycled plexiglass, filled with disgarded or waste garments, and with other items from Colmar production, such as: fabrics, ribbons, buttons, logos.
They are the No Waste Chairs, created together with the Dutch designer Kees Dekkers for Colmar Again project launch during Milan Design Week 2023.

The transparency, with the possibility of seeing the inside through the plexiglass, means giving a second life to the products and their parts: it’s a way to think about environmental sustainability, and the necessity of a greater optimization of production chain circularity.
The project represents a Manifesto against waste, a concrete way for Colmar to talk about sustainability, also through art languages.

After the exhibition within the Fuorisalone circuit, the chairs were protagonists at an exhibit inside the Colmar store in Paris, and then they became part of a displays at other Colmar stores, thus talking about sustainability in all the flagship shops of the brand.

A special exhibition in Monza, Colmar’s hometown, will close this project.

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